Posted | July 31 2013

Adam Robb and the Art of Spoken Word

Adam Robb has been writing and performing spoken word poetry since 2008 but hasn’t sought out to record an album until recently.

Adam Robb to Record at Realgrey Records

He first started after meeting Bradley Hathaway at a small show at The Chapel in North Canton. He read his first poem at a group while at a retreat at Atwood Lake. He met a band called The Bypass who encouraged him to keep writing and performed a couple shows with him since then. He found other artists with a similar style such as Levi The Poet and Listener. In 2009 he found out about a place in Los Angeles, California called Skid Row, and went to work with the homeless there. Since then he’s been involved in several ministries, which led to him putting recording his poetry on the back burner. During this time Adam continued to write and perform, and also wrote a book of poetry and stories which is still in the works.

In this project he has a vision of putting his poetry to music similar to Beautiful Eulogy, mewithoutYou, and Kid Cudi. Adam Robb hopes to complete this project before the summer of 2014.

Booking Information: TBA


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