Posted | September 19 2013

Apps Used for Communication and File Sharing at Realgrey Records

We use freshbooks to track all of our estimates and invoices.  After you’ve looked over the estimate you can approve it at will. We typically share mp3 scratch tracks, references and finals via It’s free.  We’ll send you an invite when we push out your first comps. occasionally we will use a mix in our portfolio.  We use as a repository.

Twitter from time to time we’ll post on a great session or event.  Watch for us at @realgrey.  Follow us and we’ll tag you when we post your status

Facebook - Realgrey Records If you’d like to get notification on studio activity like our Facebook page.  And thanks for that.

Track Notes: is the studios newsletter, which really serves as a reminder for “Bring Your Song” (BYS) an open writers/engineers sharing night.  We’d like your permission to stick your email in the reminder list. is the studios website.  Josh Compton writes artist profiles for friends of the studio, many of which may be working on a project.

Google Calendar  The Realgrey Session Calendar provides artists w/ a gmail account a way to see/book open sessions.

Google Drive We place a time tracking spreadsheet to help you keep tabs on progress and studio time.  We can alternatively provide you w/ a pdf or xls of you progress upon request.

External HD:  We strongly suggest that you bring a backup device to each session.  Here’s a great suggestion if you don’t already have something:
USB HardDrive from OWC
Firewire HardDrive from OWC


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