Posted | April 24 2013

Sweetwater and PureMix Present Gearfest Mixing Content

Gearfest at Sweetwater has become a yearly event on my calendar.  The last 2 years Fab Dupont led sessions on tracking and mixing a live band.  His personality made him easy to listen to, his experience gave a lot of credibility to what he taught.  Day 1 he took us through the setup and tracking process.  Drums, bass, guitar and vocals on Friday afternoon.  On Saturday morning the mixing began.  What a learning experince no matter what level you’re at.  I know this sounds like a marketing pitch but there really is something for everyone.

So why not take the actual files Fab tracked at last years event and make them available to download and mix for a contest.  That’s exactly what they’ve done.  I mean come on!  Who wouldn’t want to mix a voice like Liza Colby.  What an opportunity.  Contest or not, what a rush to mix a voice and band of this caliber.

I’ve spent some time with the files.  They sound good for being flat, raw and real.  This is a great opportunity and I’d encourage you to check it out. 

Register on the PureMix Website:
Gearfest Mixing Content Registration

Check out the tracking videos on Youtube:
Fab Dupont Tracking and Mixing at Gearfest

The competition starts April 16th 2013, the deadline for mix submissions being June 1st 2013. All entries will be listened to by the team and the 16 winners will be picked by Fab Dupont on a basis of mixing skills, tone crafting, use of space, taste and creativity. All winners will be announced on stage at Sweetwater’s GearFest 2013 on June 21st ...

Notes from past session:
+ Analog Signal Flow
+ Tracking the Band



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