Posted | July 28 2003 Column Widths

Col 1 ... float left locked down at 200. Col 3 ... float right also locked down at 200. Col 2 ... absolute positioning both left and right at 200 to allow for 1 and 3 ... auto width. The result should be a fluid page ... no tables ... css compliancy ... HELP!

My hope is that pMachine will provide a means for me to learn a little of the “back side” ... enough to have even an average conversation with those who php in their sleep.

For me the real deal is going to be seporation of the html and the css so that I can use the same html for an extended period of time.  change my mind with css, not html.

I’m in the process of building some template pages that contain no tables, driven completely by divs and p tags, etc ... it’s possible.  I’ve tasted of the fruit of tableless html ... and it is good.

... the real challenge is a header id, a body id, a footer id ... the body id will host 3 col classes.  Col 1 will float left ... col 2, the content col will have absolute positioning, both left and right with left and right margins of 200 to allow for the col 1 (nav bar) and col 3 ... the, because they say it can’t be done bar ... it will float right.

In my current test link you will notice that it works OK with OSX and Safari, and ok with IE on a PC ... IE on OS 9.2 is a bad situation.  The middle column flows under col 3 ... the absolute positioning may be letting me down ... I’m going to mess with it a little more tonight and see what happens.


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