Posted | July 24 2003

What’s First

Technical issues such as learning some simple php are on the forfront of my mind but first I want to complete the overall design of

Here are my design goals.

1. As few tables as possible
2. Compliancy would be cool
3. learn how to build index and sub index pages with blurbs and more links to content pages
4. Place to deploy MP3s
5. Get a grasp on RSS
6. Learn how to update pMachine version
7. Other stuff later ...


Posted by Ron Flack  on  09/17  at  12:08 AM

Create a page to archive these ... possible add to it later.

Posted by Ron Flack  on  10/31  at  12:11 AM

So here I am, 7plus years later, wondering if the hours I’ve spent learning all this has been worth it?  Don’t know.

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