Posted | November 26 2014

Prelude - arrangements from sunday coffee, conversations for life

These movements are progressions and melodies I’ve accompanied for years… I’ve accompanied them, like I’m a 3rd party.  Saying that I wrote them feels like a stretch because they are rarely played the same twice.  Writing infers there’s a permeant way they should be represented.  It also may suggest to some that they anything more than musical thoughts.  That’s really all they are.  Thoughts revealing themselves sonically.

Peter Neubäcker says that the music exists prior to sound as thought and that thoughts are only fully realized when their musical ancestry is discovered and given life through sound (My paraphrase).  That idea is intriguing to me.  Recently I spent a Saturday morning with the movement “Same”.  I found myself deeply moved as my mind was delivered from the sheer mechanics of playing notes on a keyboard and my heart felt hope of something very new coming out of something really old.  Did the musical thoughts find the sound?  I don’t know about all that.  I do feel deeply grateful to have fallen into some of these musical thoughts and I hope they will encourage you as you listen.

Nelson  Movement one

Inspiration: The life of Nelson Burkholder
Strings: Halle Gingerich
Double Bass: Brandon Covey
Piano: Ron Flack

Room  Movement two

Inspiration: Those who have made room for others
Strings: Halle Gingerich
Acoustic Guitar: Joe Kurtz
Percussion: Matt Kurtz
English Horn: Laura Lazarites
Double Bass: Brandon Covey
Piano: Ron Flack

Seasons  Movement three

Inspiration: Wrestling thought passages of life
Piano: Ron Flack

Same  Movement four

Inspiration: Integrity of those who face difficulty with a stayed sense of hope

Sisters  Movement five

Inspiration: My life filled daughters

Healing  Movement six

Inspiration: I’m not sure yet


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