Posted | August 30 2015

Severity and Beauty: Brandon Covey’s Reflections

“Anything that happens in life, no matter how severe or sinister, can be turned into something beautiful”.  This is how Brandon Covey describes the themes of his new album, Reflections, a series of mostly instrumental pieces centered around his bass guitar.  To describe the record in so simple of terms though, shortchanges the ethereal, emotion-heavy worlds that the artist, with the help of engineer Ron Flack and other local musicians, was able to accomplish.  It carries the listener through a gauntlet of unusual sounds, arrangements, and non-verbal emotions. There are a few reflective lyrics courtesy of Kevin Embleton and Tosca Yonkers. But, for the most part, Covey relies on sound to do his talking.  You interact with each note and each melody through the lens of your own perspective.  And the battles you’ve faced, the bruises and scars you’ve collected, are turned into something else altogether—something beautiful.

Brandon Covey - Reflections is available on iTunes and Bandcamp

—Written by Josh Compton


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