The heart of BRING YOUR SONG is to celebrate you ... and your musical accomplishment.  It’s the hope that you’ll leave BYS feeling like you and your music means something and that you’ll feel a new level of thankfulness for the gifts that are inside you.

Come and share a song with a small group of area songwriters, producers, engineers and lovers of music.  It’s a great way to network with those who share your passion for songwriting and music production.

Sign-up from 6:30 to 7PM

Currently, our BYS sessions are held at OUR CARRIAGE HOUSE RECORDING STUDIO (home of Realgrey Records)

BYS Schedule

Please visit the BRING YOUR SONG website for the 2019 schedule.

What to Expect

We start with a Featured Artist who does a set of music.  We have a short intermission and then begin the song sharing.  It’s a simple idea. A room of songwriters pass an acoustic around the room play their songs.  Talk about their experiences a little.  Producers and engineers are welcome to bring their latest mix.  The goal is to connect with others who share your passion and get feedback that can help you complete what you’ve started.

Lovers of Original Music

Are welcome!  If you’ve got friends who would dig hearing what you’ve been up to, please bring them along.

Poets and Lyricists

If you’ve got lyric that’s dying to find an artist, would love to have you read-down your work.  Who knows, in a moment of inspiration someone could hook you up w/ a melody.

Idea Development

If you have a song concept that you’ve not started or something you’ve run into a wall with, throw it out there, get some feedback, maybe find a co-author.

Engineers and Producers

Bring your mix.  If you let me know ahead of time I could have a stereo track setup for your song.  Send me an invite to your dropbox or email an MP3.  If you want to use WAV or AIFF you’re welcome to bring that on a flash drive.  If you have a laptop/smartphone/ipad/mp3 player we can run you directly into the console via your 1/8 headphone jack.

Write Your Song

Guilt is about the past ... it’s paralyzing. Conviction is about the future ... it beckons us to greater heights. Forget the past ... press on #writeYourSong


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127 18th ST NW - Canton Ohio 44703

Please send me a note with the contact form or leave a message at 330-732-5127 if you would be interested in participating in the next “Bring Your Song” session.

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Bring Your Song Excerpts

Bring Your Song #47 — February 1, 2016